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Dairy Strong offers free admission to farmers

Hundreds of dairy farmers from throughout Wisconsin, the Midwest and the nation will descend Jan. 23-24 on the Monona Terrace in Madison, Wis., for Dairy Strong, a conference and trade show designed with dairy farmers in mind.
Dairy farmers who register by Nov. 1 for the event can attend for free. Registration is now open at and farmers who sign up by Nov. 1 receive two complimentary registrations. After Nov. 1, dairies can attend for $150 for two days or $99 for one day.
Industry professionals are also encouraged to attend to learn about the latest innovations in dairy farming. Read more here.

MilkSource Genetics develops 3 ‘perfect’ cows in 3 different breeds

KAUKAUNA, Wis. — Northeast Wisconsin’s MilkSource Genetics has achieved an unprecedented Triple Crown.
With the upgrading of Weeks Dundee Anika to the rare EX-97 classification, the family-owned show barn has reached the pinnacle score with cows from three major show breeds.
In 2014, the farm’s Blondin Redman Seisme became the first Red & White Holstein cow to achieve the milestone rating. In February, another MSG cow, Musqie Iatola Martha, became the youngest Jersey in history to achieve the 97 score. Now, Holstein Association USA has bestowed the landmark classification to Weeks Dundee Anika — a black-and-white Holstein. Read more here.

World Dairy Expo returns for 52nd year

By Tim Froberg
MADISON, Wis. — The World Dairy Expo is where the dairy industry connects and communicates.
Roughly 70,000 dairy enthusiasts, company representatives and industry leaders attend the event each year, and the 2018 Expo is expected to be bigger and better than ever. It is considered the world’s largest dairy-focused event and the trade show features exhibits from more than 800 companies across the world.
“It’s a place for people to network and get revitalized and energized about the (dairy) industry,” said Kristin Olson, WDE’s media relations manager. Read more here.

Farm Discovery Center ready for spotlight

By Jessie Cameron
After more than eight years of planning, fund raising and then, finally, building, the Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center has come to life along Interstate 43 just outside of Manitowoc.
From the beginning, the center’s goal was simple: To help educate the 98 percent of people who do not work on farms to understand where their food comes from.
“So many people do not know what happens on a modern farm,” says Executive Director Lauren Rose Hofland. “They don’t really know where their food comes from or all of the sustainability initiatives farmers engage in. Farmers are now growing more food using less resources.” Read more here.

Streamlining career pathways in ag

By Nick Schneider
Fox Valley Technical College
Welding and health care now use robotics, diesel training uses virtual reality and the aviation industry looks to simulation technology to attract a new generation of pilots. Yes, innovation today applies to agriculture as well with the use of drones and GPS-programmed technologies. Farming, however, is also returning to its simple roots to make the sector more appealing.
Enter Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) — one of the state’s originators of agriculture training, spanning more than 70 years. It’s no stranger to technology, thanks to two newer innovations in bovine birth and combine simulation as well as a longstanding partnership with Case IH/Service Motor Company. Read more here.

ADC: Enough is enough: Protect milk’s integrity

By American Dairy Coalition
As a dairy farmer, you know the hard work that goes into making that gallon of milk in the grocery story dairy case. Wholesome and nutritious, that gallon of milk represents the culmination of generations of hard work — expanding and growing the family business. Milk is what your life revolves around; milking the cows, working the fields, caring for the animals. So, as a member of the dairy industry, we take that word “milk” seriously. Read more here.

$470M Mich. processing plant site selected

ST. JOHNS, Mich. — Glanbia Nutritionals, Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) and Select Milk Producers Inc. (Select), selected the City of St. Johns as the preferred site for their new $470 million cheese and whey production facility.
The trio joined together for the joint venture to boost dairy production in Michigan. The new facility is slated to open in the later half of 2020 and will employ 250 workers. The plant will process 8 million pounds of milk per day into a range of cheese (300m lbs per year) and whey products for U.S. and international markets.
In addition, the partners reached an agreement with Proliant Dairy Ingredients to process the whey permeate. Proliant will invest $85 million in an adjoining facility, creating up to 38 jobs. Read more here.

Growers take lead in addressing water quality

By Tim Froberg
Clean, safe drinking water is a must for every homeowner. A local coalition is working to make sure residents in Wisconsin’s Central Sands area get that fundamental need. The Armenia Growers Coalition – a newly formed group comprised of three large area farming operations – Wysocki Produce Farms, B&D Farms and Okray Farms – is spearheading efforts for a permanent solution to the water quality issues that have plagued affected property owners in Juneau and Wood counties. Read more here.

Dairy Cares raises $1M for Children’s Hospital

Donors raise figures showing what Dairy Cares has raised for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin during the past eight years.

After raising more than $1 million for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW) over the last eight years, the simulation lab at the renowned medical center will be named in honor of the Dairy Cares organization.
The dairy community gathered for the annual Dairy Cares garden party on July 28 in De Pere, Wis., with the goal of supporting the Milwaukee-based hospital that provides medical services to all ages with 40 locations around the state. That dream became a reality as generous sponsors contributed $200,000 this year to bring the combined lifetime gift to $1,047,000. Read more here.