DARLINGTON, Wis.  — The newly formed Lafayette Ag Stewardship Alliance will host its first field day on Aug. 29 at Highway Dairy LLC. The featured practices are tailored to farms in Lafayette County, but are applicable to farms across the state with similar conservation goals.
The Lafayette Ag Stewardship Alliance (LASA) is a farmer-led, nonprofit organization committed to faithful and sustainable stewardship of our natural resources. Through innovation and collaboration, LASA identifies, shares and promotes conservation practices that demonstrate continuous improvement and preserve and enhance the quality of life in the community.
Lafayette County faces issues with karst topography which creates concern for ground water quality. LASA recognizes that we have three main responsibilities in Lafayette County – protecting the natural resources, helping the public understand general farming practices and empowering members to improve farming techniques. These goals can be achieved through open communication and a willingness to share knowledge and research while being open-minded to new practices on our farms.
“We are excited to host a field day showcasing conservation farming techniques that reduce runoff and improve soil health,” said LASA chairman Jim Winn. “Helping the farmers of Lafayette County improve best management practices is one of our core principles.”
Farmers from Lafayette County are encouraged to attend this event, but farmers from neighboring counties are also welcome. The event is free thanks to the support of The Nature Conservancy, Professional Dairy Producers Foundation, La Crosse Seeds and Sloan Implement. 
Go to lafayetteagstewardship.org for the day's complete schedule.



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