ADC shines spotlight on Dairy Revenue Protection program

The current level of risk protection on milk price is obvious with the severe loss of financial stability in the dairy industry. Now, a new program called the Dairy Revenue Protection soon will be available to protect dairy farmers from from low milk prices.
The American Dairy Coalition will discuss the new program during its dairy outlook forum held during the World Dairy Expo from noon to 1:30 p.m. on Oct. 4.
John Newton, chief economist with the American Farm Bureau Foundation, will explain how the Dairy Revenue Protection program works and what farmers need to know. Sign up for the program begins Oct. 9.
Other key topics to be discussed during the forum include:
AG and Legal Workforce Act update: ADC CEO Laurie Fischer will discuss how wage inflation and lack of workers mean the industry can no longer wait for a new H-2C visa program. The AG and Legal Workforce Act would create a way to allow workers already in the U.S. and new workers to use a viable guest-worker program on dairy operations.
The Integrity of Milk: Kim Bremmer, a member of the ADC Executive Advisory Committee and owner of Ag Inspiration, will discuss how plant-based manufacturers continue to tap in to the reputation and nutritional value the dairy industry has built around the word “milk.” She’ll look at whether these manufacturers will be allowed to continue confusing consumers.
To RSVP for the presentation, click here. Seats are limited.