Time to give Wildeman her fair due

Anna Wildeman

By MaryBeth Matzel
MAA Editor

It’s time for a pop quiz.
An up-and-coming professional woman — boasting a top-tier education, impressive credentials and a track record of ethical decision making — is appointed to a key position in state government. Two words often associated with her are “leadership” and “accomplishment.”
You’re a journalist (older, white and male) and you’ve been asked to write a story about her. For the record: You don’t live under a rock. You’re aware of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements sweeping the nation, demanding an end to the “toxic masculinity” that has dogged women in all fields.
Do you …
A) Write an objective story, featuring voices of colleagues, peers and people who know her best — both as allies and adversaries — including an acknowledgement of the achievements this woman has accomplished on behalf of the citizens in her state?
B) Gather and highlight the voices of her enemies, questioning her ethics and openly insinuating that she may not be qualified for the position, in part, because she is married to a man who you suggest would exercise undue influence on her professional conduct. Continue reading “Time to give Wildeman her fair due”